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Rare British Flowers - The Spring Gentian

  What Is A Spring Gentian? You might never have heard of a Spring Gentian, and you are probably not alone. This wild flower, native to the UK, is one of the least prolific flowers that you will see on a forest walk. It's Latin name is Gentiana Verna Gentians , and it is generally found at higher altitudes.   Where In The UK Can I Find It?   Although variations of the Gentian can be found in various locations throughout Europe, in the UK the flower can generally only be found in one of two locations: Teesdale, and Western Ireland.   Teesdale in the UK     The Gentian generally prefers Chalky soils, which further reduces it's ability to become a prolific species. As noted, it's rare appearance in the United Kingdom is a feature that also characterises the flower throughout Europe, so much so that the flower has been designated as an 'Endangered Species'.   History And Folklore    The flower was first discovered in the UK by John Harriman, and now serves as the county