3 leading candidates view on being Manchester United manager

So, no sooner has Ole’s seat been vacated than the media has gone into overdrive in speculating who will pull up the chair at United. So, according to the press today, here are the 3 leading candidates view on being Manchester United Manager…

3 leading candidates view on being Manchester United manager

Candidate 1: Mauricio Pochettino

Of course, we know that Mauricio hasn’t completed all of his goals in the English Premier League, especially given the way in which he was dumped from Tottenham Hotspur…an exit which left a bitter taste in the mouth of Spurs fans..at least until Antonio Conte rode in on a white horse to joust in behalf of them.

Mauricio was re-linked with the Spurs job amongst others, given that his tenure at PSG is never likely to be the kind of career that has as it’s foremost quality…longevity. And, it is for this reason that Mauricio is now linked with the vacant Manchester United position.

According to Metro News in quoting Gary Neville:

‘At PSG you are on season by season. “You’ve got to win the Champions League or you’re out” 

type of model. I don’t think that suits Pochettino. 

And, Neville goes on to say that ‘he’d leave to come to Man United on a five-year deal tomorrow,’

Neville is someone who’d know, however given that Pochettino is linked with any important coaching role under the sun, it is a possibility that whilst possible, is likely not a dead cert at this point. Despite this, it would be great to see ‘Poch’ back to complete his EPL goals whilst guiding United back to the glory days.

Candidate 2: Zinedine Zidane

Another great coach who has been linked, and is available, is the great ZZ.

As a manager, Zidane would certainly bring ambition back to United, given his achievements at Real Madrid. But, does Zidane actually want the job?

Zinedine Zidane reportedly has no interest in taking over as Manchester United manager at the current time, with preferred options elsewhere that he would rather explore.

Surely United is a big enough club for Zinedine, however that appears to not be the problem.

According to express.co.uk, the move won’t likely happen due to the ‘wife’s lack of interest’ in the move. Apparently, Mrs Zidane doesn’t find Manchester an appealing destination. However, her view is probably solely the view of speculation, given that there is little in the way of evidence to support this right now.

Candidate 3: Steven Bruce

So, the score is 1-1 with 1 apparently wanting to come(Pochettino), and 1 with little interest in coming(Zidane). So, this brings us to the recently deposed Newcastle chief, Steve Bruce.

This announcement that Bruce is a contender for the Manchester United role is right out of left field. Steven has an impressive 1000 games in the EPL management circus. However, his previous tenures have been of a much less high profile position than arguably the biggest job in the league. So, what exactly has been said about Bruce?

According to Metro:

Steve Bruce is said to be ‘very keen’ to speak to Manchester United about becoming interim manager following Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s dismissal.

The article does say that the interest is on being ‘interim manager’, not a permanent signing. However, as we all know, a manager with 1000 games under his belt could well view an interim role as an audition for the full job. However, is there any evidence to support Bruce’s ‘desire’ for the role?

According to the Athletic, a quite reliable source of information, Bruce may have ‘thrown his hat into the ring’. Had this thought been printed anywhere else and it would have seemed too bizarre to even contemplate. But, since the speculation comes from a quite reliable source, then it must be taken with a degree of seriousness.

Summing It Up..

Of course, given the nature of the role, the prospect of who will become the next Manchester United manager will give the press enormous motivation to print. And, given that United are apparently looking for an ‘interim’ appointment, it could well provide copy for the press for some time to come.

Of the three candidates mentioned here, Bruce’s appointment, as bizarre an option as it first seems, may turn out to be the most likely, given that he wants a season long audition for the role..thereby meaning that if it doesn’t work out, that there would not be a severance payment to be made.

The article 3 leading candidates first appeared on London Metro News