3 Clues As To Whether Pochettino Will Become Manchester United Manager

3 clues as to whether Pochettino will become Manchester United Manager

Pochettino to Manchester United? The hot tip for the vacant managerial seat has been the subject of near confirmation and practical denials ever since Solskjaer was released from the hot seat. However, recent reports in France have brought to light 3 Must Know Things If Pochettino Will Become United Manager.

So, where are we at currently? Let’s look at the article from LeParisien in more detail and dissect where exactly the position stands as of today…

Factor 1 – Planning Has Begun…

According to the article in France, discussions with Zinedine Zidane have already commenced to replace Pochettino at PSG. What is the likelihood of this being accurate?

Remember, Zidane was mooted for the United post too, however a less than glowing attraction to the city of Manchester was touted as the reason why this was unlikely to proceed. More likely though is that ZZ wanted a different destination. Is that PSG?

It does seem that Zidane would be unavailable for United, but could be tempted to lead the line in the French capital. Whilst United are a massive and global brand, PSG’s flame has burned much more brightly in recent times. And, managing in his native France, with a high profile and rewarding position is a much more likely choice for the French maestro than to take a position in a country where his command of English has some way to go.

Rumour Rating 7/10

Factor 2 – Champions League

It is no secret that PSG covet the Champions League trophy.

With Pochettino through with PSG, but losing to City, it may be considered by the hierarchy that winning the Champions League with Pochettino at the helm may be a bridge too far. So, if the focus is on the Champions League, surely the appointment of a 3 times Champions League winner would be the the right appointment.

Poch achieved a lot with a reasonable but not stellar Spurs squad, however, his trophy cabinet is somewhat less full than Zidane’s. So, when you consider that PSG have a massive investment in their squad..and that Mbappe might leave should there not be a compelling reason to stay..then winning the Champions League must be done sooner rather than later. Given that, and that Zidane is currently free, and you have an appointment that is only being held up by the incumbent in place, Pochettino.

For this reason..the focus..and need for Champions League glory, the suggestion in Le Parisien must be taken seriously, and becomes more likely.

Rumour Rating 8/10

Factor 3 – Plans Were Already In Place

PSG are not known for keeping managers for exceptionally long periods. Heads such as Emery and Tuchel, whilst achieving considerable success, did not stay the course for any great length of time. So, how long exactly were PSG planning to keep Mauricio Pochettino? Possibly not for more than a few years at best.

So, when Le Parisien says that ‘negotiations were about an arrival next season..’, the statement has the weight of history behind it. Pochettino is undoubtedly a very talented manager, but PSG doesn’t have patience at the top of their list of qualities. As such, and if they were already planning to replace him, Pochettino may decide to take a lucrative appointment whilst the offer is on the table.

Pochettino has unfinished business in the English Premier League. And, at Manchester United he would have a wonderful, if under achieving squad at his disposal. Given how long United remained with Ole, Pochettino might feel that a contract at United would offer greater stability than he would get at PSG.

For these reasons, we think that this rumour is grounded in fact, even if the conclusion is far from certain.

Rumour Rating 6/10

Any United fan would love the permanent appointment of Pochettino instead of an interim manager..a choice that offers no stability.

Will Pochettino come? We think that it will likely be resolved much sooner than the end of season guideline from the Manchester giants.

In any case, the decision as to whether Pochettino comes or not should be resolve very soon…we’ll keep you posted…

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