Our 5 Top Plumbing Tips

5 top plumbing tips

Plumbing is something we don’t often think about until we need to. We genuinely don’t pay a lot of attention to maintaining it. But when it everything suddenly stops working as it should, the poo really hits the fan!

We think that plumbing problems should be on the list of 5 most stressful things in life. That’s why we’ve made Our 5 Top Plumbing Tips to help you flush away your stress!


1. Pouring Grease or Oil Down the Drain Is A No No!

If you have ever gone out for a greasy breakfast to fill that empty stomach you’ll know just what grease can do! In a similar way, pouring oil or grease down the drain can fill up your pipes.

The grease and oil starts to accumulate. The effects are not immediate – likely it will be as though nothing is wrong, and pouring oils down the drain is the best way to go, but then reality sets in!

Over time, things start to go a little wrong. And, in the end, you are the recipient of serious plumbing problems.

The clear solution is, don’t do it! Consider your pipes before pouring any oils or grease down the drain, and choose a better way. As an example, let the fat go solid, then throw it in the composter.

2. A Strainer Is Your Pipes Best Friend

Clogging is one of the most frequent plumbing problems, and who of us hasn’t been horrified at the build up of hair and other waste in our drain? But there is a way to avoid this!

Save lots of disgust by using a basket strainer. This simple solution will help prevent the wasting of your time – and sanity!

3. Don’t Always Flush Away

Flusing away unwanted things can seem to be a simple solution, however not everything can, or should go down the toilet.

The toilet is designed for disposal of toilet paper and bodily waste, and to do anything else than what it is designed for could cause clogging that could be both time consuming and expensive. So what items are we talking about? This could be items such as hygiene products, cotton balls, prescription medications, and yes…even live animals such as fish!

If your toilet is becoming clogged regularly, you may still have to get a proper investigation, since there could also be other serious issues of another kind.

4. Locate Your Main Water Valve Is

Plumbing isn’t a lifeskill that is taught to all of us, but an important plumbing piece of knowledge is to locate where your main water valve is, and what to do when a problem arises.

When a plumbing emergency arises, shutting off your main water valve will stop a lot of damage until your plumber can come. Not knowing the location can cause the kind of panicked chaos that will end up costing you a fortune as water floods your home.

Best choice is to locate it now, ahead of the disaster!


5. Examine The Toilet’s Flush Valve Seal for Leaks

Toilet leaks can be such a nuisance, but finding them early can save you a disaster later on.

A common place to find a leak is in your toilet’s valve seal. What is the valve seal? It is where the water flows from the tank to the toilet bowl when it isn’t flushing. But how can you find the leak early? Some food dye!

No, this isn’t a misprint. Simply place a couple of drops of food colouring in your toilet tank, then check back a few hours later. If the colour of your toilet bowl is the same colour as the dye, you have a leak.



Maintenance Is Your Best Money Saving Tip


So, what are these 5 plumbing tips designed to do? They are designed to save you money by preventing the preventable!

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