5 Family Traveler Vlogs You Should Watch In 2021

 There's no doubt that reality TV has really taken off recently. The trouble is, with the increased competition in the field, producers are really 'pushing the envelope' when it comes to content. For some viewers, this is exactly what they want. However, for more 'family friendly' audiences, there can often seem to be very few suitable channels that they can follow with the next generation of young folk. 

With that in mind, let's have a look at 5 Family Traveler Vlogs to watch in 2021.

The BackPacking Family

According to their YouTube Channel:

"We were born in England, but we see the world as our home and hope to explore it all of our days. If you’re reading this, then hopefully you’re thinking of joining our Family Travel Adventures. You can find us all over social media as The Backpacking Family. We also run an Adventure Travel blog called GlobeMad."

With young children, who are always a constant source of fun, adventure, and unpredictable outcomes, the backpacking family go everywhere where you wish you could have gone(all the more so with recent travel restrictions!)

For great adventures...and fun, give the Backpacking Family a try!!

Family Travel Vlog

Of course, the next channel that I have listed here has a similar theme..why wouldn't it?

The Family Travel Vlog is great fun for the family. The purpose of their channel?:

"We are starting this channel as a way to record and share our adventures.  On our channel you will find travel inspiration, family moments and lots of tips based on my experiences."

Of course, the secret to any success is relatability, and this channel has it in abundance. For an example of just how much fun this channel is, see the video below:

Give the Family Travel Vlog a little time and you will be struck with it's charm and lift!

Traveling Graces

Another highly recommended channel with great insights for all the family are the Traveling Graces. Well, worth a visit, this channel serves the purpose of:

"Join us for all things FAMILY TRAVEL as we strengthen our family through experiencing new adventures around the world!  We hope to inspire you through our family travels and make it attainable for you as well."

Well worth watching every video, here is an example of what you'll miss if you skip it:

Needless to say, the idea of traveling with 2 kids and 4 backpacks is a daunting one for you or I, but this family do it in style!

The No Regrets Family

Speaking of families! Have you had time to check out 'The No Regrets Family'? 

Great adventures, with the "We Sold It All. To See It All" Family, and that sets the tone for the adventures that follow.

Follow the family as their travel crosses borders like never before. Ever wondered where Leonardo DaVinci lived? You'll find out here! Here is an example of their great content:

The Neverland Family

Last, but not least, is the Neverland Family. 

They unashamedly love Disney(who doesn't?), and they are experts at planning Disney adventures and try to upload a new Disney video each Thursday.

As they say on their channel:

"We are The Neverland Family - Frank, Jenni, Ellie and Max. We hope our videos can help with you with your Disney planning for you and your family."

As any parent will tell you, kids and Disney go hand in hand, and the Neverland Family not only realise this, but highlight how to get the best out of that association...well worth a visit! Here is an example of what they serve on their site:


As a dad, editor, and entertainment organiser! I have to find suitable viewing for my children. So, I know how hard it is to find suitable content. 

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And, as time goes on, you will find that more and more channels will probably become less family friendly. So, I hope that my recommendations for the remainder of 2021 keep you and your family informed, entertained, and happy!

The family that plays together, stays together!