3 Really Popular Beauty Bloggers on YouTube 2021

Why Should I Care About Beauty Bloggers On YouTube?

Maybe when you grew up, seeing your favourite celebrity meant waiting for the latest movie release at the cinema, where it seems, the best stars always appeared. In fact, to be a celebrity meant to be movie star! Oh, how things have changed! These days, it seems that anyone with a great idea..and a video camera....can be a celebrity. 

The last few years have seen a new breed, known as 'influencers', and YouTube has no shortage of them. So, let's have a look at 3 of the really popular beauty bloggers on YouTube in 2021..you never know, maybe you will learn something that will 'kickstart' your road to success!

Zoe Sugg

 Now, Zoe Sugg may not be a name that immediately comes to mind. However, she is revered by masses of YouTubers! Perhaps you are more familiar with her nickname "Zoella" and yes,she is revered by alegion of YouTube fans! What makes her so popular? Are you familiar with beauty 'hauls'?

Beauty hauls are basically shopping purchases, relating to whatever Zoella thinks will amaze her viewers. And, quite simply, despite having 11.6 millions subscribers, her video setting is her bedroom! Wow!

Has success treated Zoe well? If having your own line in Superdrug is anything to go by, then the answer is YES! In addition to that, Zoe has her own novel, and her most popular video: "How To: My Quick and Easy Hairstyles" has well over 4 million views...awesome!

If you would like to check out her channel, go here

Michelle Phan

Next of our list is the incredible Michelle Phan! You can check out her channel here. With over a decade in the industry, Michelle has risen through the ranks to become a top influencer an business starter, with a firm base now in cosmetic innovation and income. What brands does she 'influence'?

If you have heard of 'Ipsy', then you have heard of Michelle Phan! In case you are still in the dark, Ipsy is a cosmetic subscription service that is coveted by literally thousands of the fairer sex. Perhaps you have used their products too! But, has this venture been successful?

In 2015, Ipsy was estimated to be worth around a whopping $500 million...Ka Ching!

Check out her weekly, ad free, videos each Friday..psst, there are also tutorials for those not confident, or who need a pinch of help!!

3 really popular beauty bloggers on Youtube 2021

Bethany Mota

And lastly, let's visit "MacBarbie07"! Who is that?

That is the username for Bethany Mota. And no, she is not Mrs. Bond! However, like Bond, Bethany is a hired assassin at killing bad fashion, and dodgy DIY jobs!

The focus of Bethany Mota's channel is helping the average person take a step up in beauty..and who doesn't need that? Well, it might surprise you to know that more than 5 million people have said 'Yes, help me please'!

And, it is not just the 5 million subscribers that propel her  to our top 3 list. Her video "Room Tour" received well over 7 million views. Bethany is also an expert at marketing strategy, and you can benefit from this. Take advantage of her games, and free giveaways to really ride her wave of success in your own home!

You can visit the Youtube channel of Bethany here.


Youtube influencers have become incredibly successful

Not everyone one of us can become a UK business listing supremo, operating a chain of high street stores in London, or New York.

However, what these YouTube influencers do is show us that success can be achieved in your own home, even your own bedroom...provided you have internet and a camera!

Don't give up on your dreams! These 3 YouTubers didn't and they are reaping the rewards of their success.