Suez Canal Container Ship Freed?


Suez Canal Container Ship Moved

As reported in the blog for London business directory, the stuck container ship in the Suez Canal has finally been freed..or has it?

Conflicting reports are emerging. One is that the Container ship has now been freed, allowing global trade, totalling around 12% of the total amount, to continue it's journey. However, a conflicting report says that whilst the container ship will imminently be freed, it has, at this point, only had it's direction changed by 80%, allowing it to move once refloated.

The latest news follow on reports, such as this one in a local UK business directory, that they container ship was receiving an attempt at movement over the weekend. It was reported that 14 tugs were due to arrive on Saturday with a view to freeing the stricken container ship on Sunday.

Container Ship Effect On The UK

For residents of the UK, it may seem a world away, the stranding of a container ship in the Suez Canal. However, it has more relevance to the UK than immediately obvious.

For instance, with the Suez Canal being the main trade route between Asia and Europe, shaving days and thousands of miles off the journey, a blockage of the route could lead to supply disruptions, higher prices, and knock on effects to local employment.

So, the imminent removal of the cargo whip from the vital trade route will be welcome by all concerned in the European community, and a boost to local economies that have taken a hit in recent times with the Covid-19 crisis.


The blockage of the Suez Canal might have been a lesser issue of late, given that so many problems have arisen since the beginning of last year. However, even small issues such as this could compound already strained resources, and put greater pressure on those who are already suffering financially. That being said, this news will be welcomed by all and sundry!